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Mon avis sur l'accessoire YOYO Connect Double Stroller

YOYO Babyzen Double Connect stroller

If you’re reading this review, you either have or are planning to have children close in age or even twins. You already own a YOYO stroller or are considering purchasing one, but is there a YOYO double stroller? A double stroller for both your children?

Fortunately, our favorite stroller brand has created the YOYO Connect for our beloved children – a frame that allows you to transform a single YOYO stroller into a double stroller in the blink of an eye!

As a devoted YOYO enthusiast, I also own the YOYO Connect for my children. Here’s my opinion and responses to the questions I’m most frequently asked about the YOYO Connect. I hope to assist you through my experience as a young dad.

How do you connect two YOYO strollers?

To transform a single YOYO stroller into a double stroller, you need to use a YOYO Connect frame. This frame attaches to the back of your first YOYO stroller, allowing you to transport a second child while maneuvering only one stroller at a time. Similar to attaching the YOYO Board, the Connect frame attaches via two hooks at the rear wheels of the YOYO stroller. The YOYO Connect cannot be attached to the front of the first stroller.

Does the YOYO Connect attach to all stroller models?

The YOYO Connect attaches to all YOYO stroller frames but can only be used with a YOYO bassinet or the 6+ pack. You cannot use the YOYO Connect with the 0+ newborn pack. Whether for both children at the same time or just one of them, if the older child in the front is using the 6+ pack and you want to use the 0+ pack with the YOYO Connect for the second child, it won’t work. If you have twins and want both to ride with the 0+ pack, you cannot use the YOYO Connect to make a single double YOYO stroller. You will need to choose two separate YOYO strollers.

Is the YOYO Connect delivered with a bassinet or 6+ pack?

No, it only includes the “YOYO Connect frame,” which is the chassis available in black or white, similar to the standard stroller. You will need to purchase or reuse accessories from your first child – either a YOYO bassinet or a 6+ pack. Again, you cannot use the 0+ newborn pack for a double YOYO stroller with the Connect.

Can the YOYO Connect be folded?

Yes, the YOYO Connect folds just like the classic Babyzen YOYO stroller. They both have the same patented folding system. However, you cannot fold both at the same time. You will need to detach the YOYO Connect, fold it, and then fold the other YOYO stroller. Doing this often is very quick and easy, as always with the Babyzen brand. Once folded, you can transport the YOYO Connect while still using the main YOYO stroller.

Is the YOYO stroller the best for twins?

I can only say yes! For all the reasons I appreciate the YOYO single stroller in my daily life, it’s the same for twins. You won’t find a more maneuverable, adaptable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing double stroller. Your comfort and that of your children will be optimal. Just a small caveat – you can only use the bassinet at birth for your children. Personally, that’s what I use and recommend.

My review of the YOYO Connect double stroller

After over a year of using the YOYO Connect for my children, I can only recommend this model if you want a double stroller for your children. The stroller remains maneuverable, and the comfort is the same as on the main stroller, for both you and your babies. Just like the YOYO stroller, once folded, it takes up no space in the trunk or even at the passengers’ feet. So, it’s very easy to transport daily. Plus, I can guarantee that you won’t lose money when selling it second-hand. I’ll let you look at the prices of YOYO Connect listings 😉. You can’t blame it for having only two wheels and therefore not being able to roll on its own once detached. That’s the product’s principle. If you want to connect two YOYO stroller frames, there are solutions 😉 like side-by-side double YOYO.

Purchase your YOYO Connect at the best price

To assist you in this adventure of new parenthood, here’s my selection of YOYO Connect strollers at the best prices and promotions available online. As a reminder, it only includes the stroller frame. The bassinet and/or the 6+ pack are to be purchased separately, or you can reuse your first child’s accessories ;).

Happy shopping to you!

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“I am a 30-year-old young dad,

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They accompany me and my children daily in all our adventures.”

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