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Mon avis sur l'accessoire YOYO Babyzen Double Stroller Connector

YOYO Babyzen double stroller connector side by side

You’re expecting your second child and already own a YOYO stroller for your first one. Moreover, your first child still enjoys riding in their YOYO. How can you manage with a double stroller? Is the YOYO Connect your only option?

The answer is no 😉 there’s indeed a better alternative, which I personally use. Here’s a breakdown to help you make the right choice based on your needs.

YOYO Connect? Two YOYOs connected with a double stroller connector? Let’s dive in!

Is there an official connector for two YOYO strollers?

Yes and no! Let me explain.

There’s the YOYO Connect accessory, allowing you to transform your single YOYO into a double. It’s an official accessory by Babyzen that clips directly onto the first chassis. It effortlessly converts your single YOYO into a double stroller.

However, I’ve identified two drawbacks to this product:

  1. Limited Configuration: You can only attach the second stroller, the “connect,” to the rear of the first one. You can’t position them side by side, unlike some competing models.
  2. Major Flaw: The Connect lacks front wheels, making it impossible to use as a single stroller. This oversight by Babyzen reduces its versatility significantly.

For resale, it’s more challenging to sell the Connect than two separate YOYO 6+ strollers. It’s also essential in daily use to be able to split the double stroller into two distinct ones.

Fortunately, there’s a competitive alternative solution available: double stroller connectors for YOYO strollers!

Double YOYO Stroller Connector

As you can see in the photo at the beginning of the article, I successfully connected two YOYO strollers side by side using universal connectors.

To achieve this, I purchased two things online:

  1. A new YOYO pack 6+ because I already had one YOYO with the bassinet.
  2. Double YOYO stroller connectors, allowing me to connect two separate YOYO strollers.

These connectors clip onto the YOYO chassis and come in sets of three.

In terms of cost, a YOYO Connect costs around 360€, while a chassis for a YOYO 4-wheeler costs about 399€ on average. In both cases, you’ll need to purchase a color pack separately. For a 40€ difference, choosing a second YOYO is much more cost-effective.

Not only does it simplify resale, but it also doesn’t force you to use both strollers together all the time. With two strollers, you can use them separately. We often use the two YOYOs separately.

My Review of the Double Stroller Connector

I have no regrets about choosing the double stroller connectors over the YOYO Connect.

The connectors are easy to install, and since the YOYO is not wide, placing two YOYOs side by side allows you to navigate through spaces that most other double strollers cannot.

You can even connect two strollers with bassinets or two 0+ baby packs, or even a YOYO with a Cybex or another brand.

No more daily constraints. Plus, I won’t have any trouble selling my two 6+ YOYO strollers separately.

Thanks to this product.

But by the way,
Who am I ?

“I am a 30-year-old young dad,

embarking on the beautiful adventure of parenthood,

and a proud owner of two YOYO strollers for over 3 years.

They accompany me and my children daily in all our adventures.”

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